Ellis Kenyő

All about Me™

Devon-based full-stack developer by night, available for hire by day, when I'm not taking in the breath-taking landscapes. Originally a desktop application developer, I broadened my horizons to start working on web applications in my spare time and haven't looked back since. Despite only having built a few applications, I'm eager to learn and always excited to solve new challenges.

Having worked on various web and desktop projects over the years, I've developed a broad skillset which allows me to tackle anything thrown at me. I've solved a number of problems in both domains, and I don't quit until I've solved problem I'm currently on.

Project Ascension

Project Ascension

Open source C++/Qt game launcher, designed to unify Steam, EA Origin, Ubisoft uPlay and other game DRM platforms into a single application.

This is a unified game launcher (UI is prototype, not designed by me) which is able to launch games from a variety of platforms. I was mostly responsible for implementing the backend of the client, and I was brought into the team for my implementation of a wizard which is able to find games for Steam, Origin and uPlay on any computer for any compatible OS (OS X was untested, at the time nobody had access to it).