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Previous work

Below are some examples of previous applications I've written. Click the image to view it larger and read more about it. Most of my career has been spent working on internal applications so there's not a lot I can point to publicly; but I'd love to change that!

You can also check my GitHub for more of my open-source contributions.

My first production app; called 'The Dashboard'. ReactJS & C#Veritas; an internal issue tracking system. Blazor & C#Veritas Issue Page. Blazor & C#Veritas Edit Issue. Blazor & C#Bank of Kigali app. FlutterSand Tracking Dashboard. ClojureScript & Clojure


Outside of development, I've also published the following articles & talks

  • Git (Or how I learned to stop worrying and love version control)

    An introductory workshop on using Git
  • Org-a-nice Your Life in Emacs

    How to effectively use Emacs' org-mode
  • State of Doom Emacs

    An overview of Doom Emacs & where it's heading
  • Using Clerk for Advent of Code

    Using Clojure notebooks to solve programming problems
  • Advancedvent of Clerkjure

    Building data visualisations in Clojure notebooks

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